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In Mexico, Chubasco means a squall or swirling wind. For the Chubasco crew, growing up surfing, camping and diving in Mexico was a way of life. As was wearing the classic Mexican sandal, the 'huarache'. As cool as they were, though, they had a down side. The breaking in stage was painful, and while they were great for style points, you really couldn't hike, reef walk or simply 'chill' in them.

Our vision was to somehow blend the old with the new. The trip from this vision to the current creation was a journey in itself. There were countless months spent in design and development and failed attempts at manufacturing relationships. All of the growing pains of a young company were existent and evident. But in the middle of 2007 positive changes began to take hold. We re-engineered the management team of the company and hired industry proven design professionals. Later in the year we added a global sales director and group to re-organize the sales initiatives.

The biggest piece to the puzzle that was missing was a manufacturer who was entrenched in the heritage of the huarache. We literally combed the states of Central Mexico and came across this missing piece in Michoacan, Mexico. Nowhere in the world will you find more accomplished craftsman trained in the art of fine weaving.

So Bienvenido to the land of hand made woven comfort. We have taken the classic huarache, steeped in tradition from generations of craftsmanship, combined the age old designs that date back to the ancient Aztecs and modernized it with new age materials and technology. We have transformed it into what we proudly feel is the most comfortable, versatile and stylish multi-use all-terrain sandal on the market.

So, friends wear your Chubasco's out to dinner, camping, boating, on a world trek or just on a mellow walkabout. You'll look good and feel great with that molded 'locked in' support and comfort. And, if you let it, you'll hark back to an ancient time where a connection with the earth was life!

Our factory has been making huaraches in the same building for over half a century. This link to the past, along with the technological and material changes of the present, has created a synergy in product that we feel is unparalleled in today's marketplace.

- The Chubasco Family

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